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Jiangyin Mitoo Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, located in Jiangsu Province and near Shanghai City. Our company's main products are precision special steel strip, flat steel and steel pipe, mainly made of spring steel, tool steel, bearing steel, high quality Carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, etc. Products are widely used in auto parts, hardware parts, textile accessories, agricultural tools, electronic products, chains, cutting tools, etc.

The company has excellent production equipment and strong technical force. With continuous pickling production line, hydraulic microcomputer control system of six-roller, four-rod AGC reversible cold rolling mill, bell bell type bright annealing furnace, precision slitting machine, leveling machine, trimming machine and other industry more advanced equipment and technology, has a strong production capacity. The finished product is flat, the thickness tolerance is uniform, the surface is clean, the product quality meets the national high precision standard. Also owns the Austrian isothermal quenching technology for the manufacture of isothermal steel strip continuous quenching furnace industry advanced production equipment and production technology, production of products with uniform hardness, high strength, toughness, plasticity is good wait for a good comprehensive mechanical properties, at the same time, the geometry size and shape of products are fully guarantee, have good flatness, straightness and surface finish.

The company gathers top talents in the field of steel, and the management team of the company has experience in management, technology, sales and other work in large steel enterprises. The company is a pioneer and practitioner in the field of production and development of special steel in China. At the same time, we also actively participate in the market research and development of the global steel industry to meet the individual requirements of different customers.

Relying on geographical advantages, technical advantages, talent advantages, adhering to the spirit of innovation and enterprising, professional integrity, high quality and efficiency, customer first, the company's vision is to become a special steel and steel belt market leader.